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If you want to update your look or trim your current bangs, consider cutting your own bangs. This will save the time and the money involved in making an appointment with your stylist. With a steady and careful hand and attention to detail, cutting your own bangs into a spiky and modern style is actually quite easy. You can have edgy looking spiky bangs in no time, without butchering your current style.

Comb your bangs out to remove any knots or tangles, then comb them down, so they completely cover your forehead. Do not wet your bangs, if you are going for a choppy, spiky look.

Comb the remainder of your hair, that you don't want cut, back and into a secure ponytail, so that you don't accidentally snip a piece of it while cutting.

Grab a one-inch section of your bangs in between the pointer and middle finger of non-dominant hand. Use these fingers to pull your hair down, as flat as it will go and begin cutting a straight line. You should cut your bangs slightly longer than you want the longest pieces of your bangs to be. Repeat this process, until your bangs are relatively straight across, they do not need to be perfect.

Take that first one-inch section of your bangs back in your two fingers, this time instead of holding the hair down towards your face, hold it upwards, so it points towards the ceiling.

Take your scissors, and careful point them downwards as you cut. This time you will be cutting down into the hair instead of straight across it. Cut as deep as you want, so that you are making small points in the hair, and leave the lengths of your cuts random, to create a choppy look. Repeat this on each chunk of hair, until all of your bangs have been cut.

Comb the bangs back down to your forehead. Take the scissors and cut any areas you wish to be shorter. To create the spiky look, you will wants lots of variety in your bang length.

Finish the cutting process, creating several more dramatic and pointy spikes in your bangs. Take quarter or half-inch sections of hair and bring them to a point by cutting two diagonal lines on each side of the end of that chunk of hair. Bring the section of hair from having a squared end to a pointed end. Touch up as needed.

Blow dry your face and clothes to remove any spare pieces of hair that may have fallen on you.


Cutting bangs can lead to accidental cuts of the face or fingers, so be very careful when cutting -- and always keep a first-aid kit on hand.