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You don't always have to wait for your hairstylist to be available to cut your hair. When you know how to cut your hair yourself, you can do so in the comfort of your own home and without delay. A V-shaped layer haircut is ideal for the person who wants a layered look, and a style that adds volume and dimension to the hair. The key to accomplishing a V-shaped layered cut is to make the very back of the hair end in a point, and the hair on the sides gradually descending into the point.

Brush your hair thoroughly with a brush. Detangle the strands. If you have knots in your hair when attempting to cut a layered V-shape, you can end up with layers that are not balanced.

Bend your torso forward to let your head and your hair dangle down. Brush the hair forward so that you are brushing the underside of the hair from the nape of the neck to the ends.

Set the brush down. Keep your face looking down to the floor so that your eyes are over your feet. Gather your hair with your hands, pulling the hair forward and down. The front of your hair will be closest to you in the bunch that you create, and the back of your hair will be farther away from you.

Slide your hand down the bunch of hair toward the end, until you reach the point that you want to cut.

Hold one hand securely around the bunch of hair. Decide how wide or narrow to make the V-shape. If you make a blunt cut with the shears that is straight across, you will have a wider V-shape. If you angle the shears from the top front of the hair down facing your hair, you will have a pointier V-shape with shorter layers in the front and longer layers in the back.

Cut the bunch of hair in the direction that you want for the v-shape. Do not move your body. Hold as still as possible so that the hair comes out evenly. Start by cutting the hairs closest to you and working outward toward the back.

Flip your hair and your torso back up. Let your hair fall flat against your back and examine the layers and V-shape. Trim any uneven strands that stand out.