For women and men who want to sport longer hair, they need not wait years or months to grow their hair back to their desired length. Clip-on hair extensions can be made to suit the length and color you want. If you also want to skip styling your hair, you can create a clip-on ponytail to easily attach at the back of your head. You can do this using a few tools and materials.

Cut a rectangular piece of fabric big enough to fit the entire clip you will use for the ponytail. Cut ½-inch slits at the sides of the fabric to provide a place where the clip can claw on when you attach the ponytail to your hair.

Sew the hair wefts on the rectangular fabric, working from the bottom part of the fabric and moving your way up. Sew a weft per row until the entire fabric is covered with hair.

Use a plastic knife to scratch up the top side of the inside of your claw clip. This will help the hot glue that will be applied later on to hold onto the material.

Insert the claws into the fabric's slits so the clip catches no wefts. Use a comb to groom the wefts to the sides so they easily glide in between the claws and the fabric without tangling. You should have a box-shaped clip-on ponytail.

Use pins to temporarily hold the clip to your fabric while you make adjustments to its position. Hide the clip by creating a box pleat at the top to make it look thicker.

Apply hot glue at the top part of the box pleat. Do this carefully so as to not get any strands of hair stuck on the glue. Attach another weft of hair on top of the glued portion to add more volume to the hair and to hide the top part of the clip.

Add glue to the felt and attach it to your clip. Apply glue along the weft's underside, and fold it to stick the felt to the clip. Make sure that all sides are glued to the clip before proceeding to the next step.

Groom the ponytail with your comb to loosen all the tangles.