By Victoria Martin

Crafting a dress out of aluminum foil can create a quick costume or create a thought-provoking fashion statement. Depending on your skill level, imagination, and the time you have available, you can make an aluminum dress that is extravagant, elegant, ultra-modern or exceedingly simple. Since aluminum foil is a flimsy material to use as a fabric, use heavy duty aluminum foil and craft your dress around a garment you plan to wear underneath the dress.

You can create texture on your foil costume by crumpling the aluminum in certain areas.

Step 1

Brainstorm foil dress ideas, and make note of them in your notebook. Sketch your dress designs in your notebook. This will help you get an idea of how much foil you will need, and what kind of tape to use. The type of undergarment you plan to wear will configure in your designs, so include what kind of undergarment you plan to wear under the foil dress. You can wear a dress, body suit, bathing suit or aerobics clothes.

Step 2

Purchase the supplies you need for your dress. Buy more foil and tape to be certain you do not run out of material in the middle of making your dress.

Step 3

Shape the bodice of the dress around your undergarment. You can either tape the foil to the garment, craft the dress on a mannequin or create the dress directly on the person who will be wearing it. If you plan to put the dress on after constructing it, consider how to put the dress on, and how it will stay on. If you plan on making an elaborate dress, you can cut the side or back of the dress and tape it back together.

Step 4

Create the skirt by laying out sheets of foil and taping them together to create the bell shape of the skirt.

Step 5

Attach the skirt to the bodice of your dress with tape. You may want to crumple the edges at the top where the skirt will meet the bodice of the dress. Wait to do this until after you attach the bodice to the skirt so your tape will hold the pieces together.