By Kensey McKutchen

There are a lot of different recipes to make Skittles shots, but they do have some things in common. They are all fruity. They are all tasty. And they all taste like the colorful little candies you love so much. Try one or try all of them. You also can infuse vodka with the individual flavors of Skittles and serve those straight.


Skittles Shot 1

Pour one shot of flavored vodka and one shot of soda. You can choose from apple, grape, strawberry or any other fruit.

Drop the three skittles into the soda while you take the shot of vodka. Make sure to choose skittles with similar flavors.

Chase the vodka with the shot of soda.

Skittles Shot 2

Pour ¼ oz. of apple, grape, watermelon and cherry schnapps into a shaker over ice.

Shake it to mix. Strain.

Make this in large quantities for a party. Make sure to use four parts each of the schnapps. Pour into shot glasses.

Skittles Shot 3

Pour 1/2 oz. of plain vodka, 1/2 oz. of cranberry juice, 1/2 oz. of sweet and sour mix, 1/4 oz. of creme de banana and 1/4 oz. of grenadine into a shaker over ice.

Shake it to mix. Strain.

Pour into the shot glasses.