How To Make A Pink Panty Dropper

If there’s one thing better than enjoying a cold beer or a fruity cocktail individually, it’s enjoying them together. Beer cocktails aren’t new to the home bartending scene; they’ve been around for a while, and for good reason. Not only do beer cocktails combine the best of both worlds when good drinks are concerned ‒ there is also an ocean of combination possibilities to experiment with. What’s even better is the opportunity to whip together quick recipes for party punches that will satisfy an entire room when you’re entertaining. The pink panty dropper drink is a great beer cocktail recipe to have on hand when the moment calls for a can of Bud Light and a refreshing blend of vodka and citrus fruit. Whether it’s kicking back to enjoy some Saturday football or making the most of the sun with a garden party, you can’t go wrong with a recipe for this warm weather classic.

Pink Panty Dropper Drink Recipe

To make a medium-sized jug of this recipe, the first thing to start with is a 12 pack of beer of your choice. The great part about this no-fuss recipe is that you can use anything you’ve already got on-hand, from Natty Light to whatever double IPA you’ve got tucked away to impress friends.

Total Time: 15 minutes | Prep Time: 15 minutes | Serves: 6‒12


  •          12 pack of beer
  •          24 oz. can of pink lemonade concentrate\
  •          24 oz. of vodka
  •          Sliced fruit, preferably strawberries and lemons


The exact combination is open to personal experimentation, but in general, follow these steps.

  1. Pour the lemonade concentrate into your jug of choice.
  2. Follow up with the vodka, stirring as you go.
  3. Add in the fruit slices and pour the beer over the top to disburse the flavors throughout.
  4. Add a few more fruit slices to the top of the jug, but be sure to have some on the side to top individual servings. It’s that easy.

Play Up the Pink Panty Dropper

With this recipe, there’s no need to stop with the basics. Why not shake it up a bit for a little extra fun? If the mood calls for something a little more exciting than plastic cups filled with ice, try converting the original into a pink panty dropper shot recipe. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this.

For one variation, purchase some 1.5- to 2-oz. shot glasses and layer the vodka, pink lemonade concentrate and beer over one another until the glass is full. Have a lemon wedge on hand to chew on once you’ve finished the round. Since much of the shot consists of either beer or lemonade, the larger shot glass size doesn’t pose much of a threat.

For another, slightly more technical, variation, treat the cocktail ingredients like those of a Jager bomb. Fill a small plastic glass with beer and lemonade and place a small shot of vodka in the middle for a delicious mouthful of fizz and fruit.

Not much of a shot person? Try shaking the recipe up by bringing out the fruitiness a bit more. Replacing vodka with Pimm’s liqueur is a great way to add a more elegant, summer ambiance to the drinking experience.