Homemade Mojo Rum Punch

A mojo is a rum-based cocktail served as an alcoholic punch in a large bowl, making it a good choice for parties or other large gatherings. The classic mojo recipe includes several types of alcohol, including cherry brandy, beer and both light and dark rum. Take your time when drinking mojos. It's easy to overdo it with this cocktail because the fruit juice masks the taste of the alcohol.

Open and pour the beer into a large punch bowl. The type of beer is up to you, but light beers work best. Do not use flavored or dark beers.

Add the light and dark rums to the punch bowl.

Add cherry brandy into the bowl as well. Using a long spoon or ladle, mix the alcohol together.

Pour the cans of 7UP into the punch bowl. Feel free to use diet 7UP if you want to reduce the drink's calorie content.

Add the pineapple juice to the bowl. Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Place the punch bowl in the refrigerator to chill.

Add ice to the punch bowl just before serving. Adding the ice too soon will cause it to melt and dilute the drink. The amount of ice is up to your individual tastes, but you will probably need at least 6 or 7 cups of ice.

Ladle the mojo into an individual glass and enjoy. This mojo recipe will serve at least 24 people--depending on how many drinks each person consumes--and is easily scaled down for smaller gatherings. To make a smaller batch, simply reduce all the ingredients by half.


  • Mojo cocktails are typically always made as a punch in large quantities, but you can make a single serving by reducing the recipe. Pour the following into a large glass filled with ice, stir and enjoy: 1 oz. each of light and dark rum, 2 oz. of light beer, 2 oz. of 7UP, 1/2 oz. of cherry brandy and a splash of pineapple juice.