Girl wearing oversize long hoodie

A cozy hoodie—whether its a sweatshirt, sweater or fleece—is a must-have in every wardrobe. Even though oversized hoodies can be chic (not to mention comfy), if it looks too baggy, or is genuinely too big, here's how to make it look like a better fit.

Keep the Hood Down

When your hood is up, you're more likely to appear engulfed in the hoodie. Show less of the garment and more of you.

Roll the Sleeves Up

Just as with the hood, minimizing how much the hoodie covers you up visually diminishes some of its volume. Fold the sleeves back with long folds, since bunching up the sleeves adds bulk.

Shorten the Ties

If your ties hang down low they create the impression of a hoodie that's too big. Trim and tie them off.

Shrink the Hoodie

If the hoodie contains fibers of cotton or wool that are not preshrunk, wash it on warm and send it through the dryer once or twice. This method can even help with any older preshunk items that have become stretched out.

Dye the Hoodie a Darker Color

Items in darker colors give the impression of taking up less space. If you don't mind changing the color of the hoodie, buy a fabric dye at the local craft or fabric store and follow the instructions for dying a garment. If you've never dyed fabric before, you may want to do a test run on a rag or piece of scrap fabric.