How to Make a Hoodie Look Smaller

By LeafTV Editor

Whether they come in the form of sweatshirts, sweaters or fleeces, hoodies are as useful as they are fashionable. But like all types of garments, there are times when they don't fit us quite as perfectly as we'd like them to. Don't despair: if your hoodie looks too baggy, or is just genuinely too big, these fashion tricks can help make it look more snug.

Girl wearing oversize long hoodie
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How To Make A Hoodie Look Smaller

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Dye your hoodie a darker color. Items in darker colors give the impression of taking up less space, so if you don't mind changing the color of your hoodie, buy a fabric dye at your local craft or fabric store and follow the instructions for dying a garment. If you've never dyed fabric before, however, you may want to do a "test run" on a rag or piece of scrap fabric.

Wear your hoodie along with larger pants. If you wear your shirt with tight-fitting clothes, it will look larger in relation to them, but if your pants are baggy, the hoodie will appear less large along with it.

Keep the hood down. When less of the hoodie is showing and more of you is visible, the affect will be the appearance of a much smaller shirt. However, when your hood is up, you will likely appear to be engulfed in your hoodie, making the shirt look big even if it isn't.

Roll the sleeves up. Just as with the hood, showing more of your arms will make the shirt look smaller. Be sure, however, to fold the sleeves back with the longest folds possible, since bunching up the sleeves will add to the bulk of the shirt and make it appear larger.

Shorten the ties if they are particularly long. If your ties hang down low, they will create the impression of a too-big shirt. Trim and tie them off if this is the case.

Shrink it. Nothing will make a garment appear smaller as well as actually making it smaller, so if your hoodie contains fibers of cotton or wool that are not preshrunk, send it through the washing machine and a hot dryer once or twice to get it to reduce in size. Washing in this manner can even help with any older preshunk items that may appear too large because they've become stretched out.