How to Maintain Heated Rollers

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Hot rollers enable you to create set hairstyles on dry hair with a minimal time investment compared to using a curling iron or traditional wet hair setting techniques. Hot rollers are used prior to styling an up-do or to create allover waves and curls that last until the next time your hair gets wet. Properly maintaining your hot rollers will ensure that you to get the longest and safest possible use out of them.

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How To Maintain Heated Rollers

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Basic Use

Plug your hot roller set into a wall socket prior to use, ensuring that the plug and the socket are dry and that the set has a flat stable surface to sit on.

Unplug your hot roller set after setting your hair in rollers. Allow the unit to cool after unplugging and replace the rollers into the unit after use. This will help to ensure that you do not lose any rollers.

Check the cord to the heating unit frequently to ensure that it is in tact and not damaged. Damaged or broken cords can pose a safety hazard and should be replaced.


Wet a rag with water and fold it over four times to create a thick cloth for wiping your hot rollers. Warm your hot rollers slightly and then unplug the unit. Carefully wipe each warm roller with the damp rag, being careful not to touch the hot portion of the rollers with your fingers.

Pour a little alcohol onto the damp rag and go over the hot rollers with the alcohol. The alcohol will begin to remove some of the built-up hair products that the plain water did not remove.

Pour some ammonia onto your damp rag and rub the rollers with the ammonia. Like the alcohol, the ammonia will continue to loosen stubborn stains.

Make a paste of three parts water to one part baking soda and use this paste to attack any stubborn gunk on your hot rollers. Rinse the hot rollers thoroughly, allow them to dry, place them in the unplugged heating unit and store them in a dry area.