Coach is an American manufacturer of upscale handbags and accessories. Owning a Coach handbag is about more than just having a good purse. They are collectors’ items and are considered a mark of elegance and taste. The market for fake Coach handbags is enormous. Being able to look up the style number for a Coach handbag will help buyers avoid wasting money on a cheap knock-off. Almost all Coach bags have serial numbers to help identify them as the “real deal.”

Things You'll Need

Open the bag and locate the identification patch sewn inside. The patch will be a small leather rectangle that is stamped with the Coach statement of authenticity and a serial number.

Note the style number of the bag. The style number is the last four digits of the serial number stamped on the identification patch.

Log on to the Internet and go to the Coach website.

Enter the style number from the handbag in the search box on the Coach website and click “Search” to look up that number. The next screen will contain the results for the search including the identity of the collection the bag is from.


  • If there is no identification patch or it is hard to read, go to the Coach site to research the handbag. Look through the collections and click on individual handbags that are similar to appearance of the one being researched. The details for each bag will list their style number under the bag name.