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Coach Inc. Is known for it’s deluxe handbags. Their handbags can easily be spotted by their elegance and quality. Unfortunately their is an alarming rate of inauthentic Coach handbags that are sold to many without their consent, but the authenticity of your Coach purse could be proven if you buy your purse in trusted locations and by paying attention to details.

Do Your Research

It is better to familiarize yourself with Coach and their products. Visit their website or convenient store and look at all of the handbags. Pay attention to the details such as, the feel of the material, the coach logo, the sewn details, and the zippers. Every detail counts, and will help you better identify a real Coach handbag.

Searching For a Serial Number

A serial number is a number that can be found inside your Coach purse meant to prove that your purse is indeed real. This little number has changed drastically over the years and it differs with every purse. However, every real coach purse has one. Coach is not able to prove the authenticity of your purse through this number, but if you pay close attention to the details in this number it can help you identify a faulty product.

Make Sure Everything is Correct

Open your purse and locate the brown leather patch that has been neatly sewn inside the handbag. This leather patch is called the creed. The creed should be a small rectangle shaped patch. The letters on the creed should all be the same size, and must not contain any weird misspellings. If you see that the letters are uneven or go over each other, then it is likely that you do not have an authentic Coach Handbag.

Buy From a Trusted Source

Coach offers it’s products at select Coach stores and authorized department stores only. The complete list of stores can be found on the Coach Website. It can be difficult if you do your shopping online, fortunately the coach website also has a long list of authorized third-party stores that sell real coach purses.

** To view this list visit the official Coach website and scroll to the bottom of the page. On the footer section of the coach website click the bolded text titled, “Product Information”. Then click the square with the text “Counterfeit Education”.