How to Look Better Than Your Enemies

By LeafTV Editor

Take revenge on your enemies and improve your well being by looking better than your foes every day. Throw out the sweats hiding in your closet and replace them with stylish clothing. Go to a gym and begin the fitness routine you have been avoiding. Use revenge as your motivation but begin your regime today. Look better than everyone while improving your health and your appearance.

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How To Look Better Than Your Enemies


Stay fit. Look better by adopting a healthy regime filled with low fat food and lots of exercise. Stay young in both body and mind while your enemies attempt to stay young through surgery and treatments.

Take care of yourself. Keep your hair trimmed, styled and colored if necessary. Give yourself a manicure or splurge and go to a salon. Look better than everyone by keeping everything from your hair to your toes in top condition.

Select appropriate and stylish clothing. Wear the latest styles only if they are flattering and age appropriate. Avoid clinging to outdated styles or overly youthful clothing choices. Adopt a stylish, classy look that is updated and chic. Look better than your enemies at the grocery store or post office. Never let your enemies see you looking like you just crawled out of bed

Keep your love life active. Studies prove that sex makes a woman look younger and healthier. Believe you are sexy and your inner sensuality shows through. Enjoy it when your enemies' husbands or boyfriends take notice of you.

Be a better person no matter what the situation. Goodness shines, evil rots. Let your enemies be mean as their face will pay the price for it as the years roll on.