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When you look great, you feel great; and there is nothing wrong pampering yourself at times to maintain a beautiful look. If you're the type of person that often neglects their own needs, or if you just want a radical change and are tired of the same old look, read more on how to give your yourself a makeover.

The first thing people do for a makeover, is to go shopping for clothes. You can bring a friend along on your shopping spree; and they can help you figure out which type of clothing best flatters your body and which type of shoes will look great on you. Or if you need help from a professional, you can hire a fashion consultant who will shop for you and who knows the latest trends that fit your look.

Make yourself even prettier by getting your hair done at a hair salon. First look at hair magazines to find a style that works well with your face. You can take a picture to a professional hair stylist, and they can tell you if the hairdo fits your face. Or if you're looking for a completely different hair color, the stylist can help you choose the right color that compliments your skin tone.

Glamor up your new look by wearing makeup. If you don't know where to start, visit a couple of websites like 'CareFair' or 'Apply Makeup,' as they give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply makeup on your face like an professional. Then go to a store that sells cosmetics and find the foundation, lipstick and blush that go well with your skin tone. Another alternative is to visit a department store, go to the cosmetics section; and you will see a few makeup artists offering to do a makeover for free and even give out tips on how to maintain the look.

If you want to make a major change and are not happy with your weight, hit the gym. Look for one that is closest to your area and find out how much it costs to have a gym membership. Also, if you need a little push into doing some exercise, get your own personal trainer at the gym. They will be happy to assist you with your goals and and can provide advice on nutrition needed to eat get your body in shape and healthy.

Sometimes people may want to alter their look by getting cosmetic surgery done for their body. If there are any 'flaws' you want to get fixed, research a few cosmetic surgeons and find out how much it costs to get work done. Make sure to check references, reputation and reviews from past customers, happy or not.