Where To Make A Sexy Calendar For A Boyfriend

Calendars or photo albums of sexy pictures -- also known as "boudoir photos" -- are popular gifts for Valentine's Day, anniversaries and other special occasions. There are several ways to make a sexy calendar for your boyfriend, and using the Internet to do it means you never have to worry about the local copy shop seeing your pictures.


In most major cities, and many small ones, you can find a photographer who takes boudoir shots. Ask for recommendations from any friends who may have had calendars or similar items made, and search online for photographers in your area. Many female photographers offer a safe and comfortable setting for other women wanting boudoir photos. If you can't find a professional photographer, ask a good friend to take the photos. Friends might also be able to suggest locations, outfits or poses that capture your personality.


Decide how explicit you want the calendar photos to be. If your boyfriend is going to display the calendar someplace where others can see, you may want to be more clothed than you would be if the calendar were just for his eyes only. A sexy shot doesn't need to be nude. You can be just as alluring in lingerie, a sports jersey or even a costume.


Once you have digital images, select an online company that makes calendars. VistaPrint, Zazzle, and CafePress all make calendars using photos you upload. You can select from a number of different layouts and color schemes, and there is no minimum purchase required. With Zazzle and CafePress, you can even put a favorite image on a T-shirt or mug to give along with the calendar.