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As women get older they appreciate more sophisticated, trendier gifts. Technology and electronics are not just for teenagers anymore. Thirty-five year old women enjoy them too. Professional women and stay at home moms will all like receiving cool gifts they can use ever day. A fun, popular gift will show her she is never too old to learn something new.

Music Players

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An MP3 player makes a good gift for a woman on the go. She can enjoy her favorite tunes or an audio book on a music player while she is at the gym or shopping for groceries. Include a charger to make powering up her new gift easy.

Electronic Book Readers

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Electronic book readers allow you to store and read thousands of books. Many of these readers can be thin as a pencil and fairly durable. Download her favorite book into the reader and give it to her as a gift.

Spa Sound Machine

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A spa sound machine plays a variety of soothing sounds like the roar of the ocean and a summer rain shower. Spa machines can also have an alarm clock, CD player and radio in them. Give her a spa machine she can play at her bedside or at her office desk.

Digital Camera

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Move your friend into the 21st century by giving her a digital camera. It should include a carrying case, batteries and a USB cable to use for downloading the pictures to a computer. You may also want to give her some photograph paper for printing.

Voice Recorders

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Give her a multi-functional voice recorder. She can use the recorder for making an audio grocery list or to do list. Or she can get started with her first novel by using the voice recorder to talk "out loud" her thoughts and ideas. Besides having a volume control and easy to use recording function, the voice recorder should also have a playback capability.

Digital Calendar

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Give her a digital calendar to keep track of important dates and appointments. It should be easy to use and add information to. Digital calendars can also include an address book and some storage for photographs.

Musical Games

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Give her a musical game she can play with her family. Musical games allow her to pretend to "play" her favorite songs or sing in her own imaginary bands. Musical games connect to her television and allow her to choose the song she wants to play.