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Before you take the plunge and get a haircut that isn't right for you, determine if the style complements your hair texture and thickness and facial shape. If you're interested in getting a shag haircut, there are many different variations and lengths. Fortunately, the shag cut complements every facial shape and the shag looks best on medium length hair. The more important question may be, "Which type of shag hairstyle is right for you?"

Peruse pictures online or in magazines. Make some decisions. Shag cuts can have bangs or no bangs and can range from short to long in length. Try to find a picture of the shag cut you want for your stylist.

Put your hair in several ponytail holders to determine if you have enough hair for a shag cut. Hair will be in many layers after the cut and much weight and bulk is removed. If you have very fine hair, a shag may not be right for you.

Set an appointment with your hairstylist.

Talk with your stylist beforehand. She should ask or suggest a starting point for your shortest layers. Keep in mind that the shorter you go, the more dramatic the layering and style.

Ask your stylist about recommended style products following your cut. The shag is a low maintenance cut. New styling products and blow dry tips should alleviate any frizz and fly aways that come with heavy layering and texturizing.


If you want to be able to put your hair back into a ponytail, your beginning and shortest layer should be long enough to pull back.


Layers can add volume and bounce to curly hair, but too many layers can create frizz. If you have curly hair, a shag may not be the best haircut choice for you.