How to Keep My Biscotti Crispy

By Roger Smith

Biscotti is an Italian, cookie-like stick meant as an accompaniment to coffee or tea. But if you live in a humid climate -- or leave your biscotti sitting out too long -- the cookie's distinctive crispness may fade away. However, with the right cooking methods and the right means of food storage, your biscotti can be perfectly preserved for some time.

Biscotti is a classic pairing with a cup of coffee.

Keeping Biscotti Crisp

Step 1

Ensure your biscotti is fully cooked. Most recipes recommend cooking biscotti for about 20 minutes, with the oven set at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Proper cooking ensures any moisture is baked out of the biscotti.

Step 2

Allow the biscotti to dry and cool for 10 minutes or longer after baking.

Step 3

Store uneaten cookies in a refrigerated container with the lid left slightly open. This allows any residual moisture to escape.

Step 4

Freeze portions that will not be consumed within a week's time.