The next time you need to store cookies, try putting them in your freezer. Cookies of all kinds do well when stored in the freezer, from the soft and chewy to the crispy ones, even decorative iced sugar cookies. In addition, when thawed, the cookies taste almost as fresh as when you bought or made them. Preparing the sugar cookies for this method of storage takes very little time.

Method 1

Allow the icing on your sugar cookies to dry completely.

Place your iced cookies in a single layer, making sure none of the cookies touch each other.

Put the cookie sheet in the freezer and wait until the cookies are frozen.

Line a plastic container with a layer of frozen cookies. Place a sheet of waxed paper over the tops of the cookies. Lay more cookies on top of the first layer and then top with another sheet of waxed paper.

Secure the container with a lid and place in the freezer until ready to eat. You can store iced sugar cookies in the freezer for 3 or 4 weeks.

Method 2

Put some dried iced cookies, without touching each other, on a cookie sheet. Stick the pan in the freezer until the cookies are completely frozen.

Lay two cookies, flat sides together on a piece of plastic wrap. Fold the wrap over the cookies and place in a container. Wrap the rest of the cookies together in the same manner, placing each in the container.

Place the lid on the container and close securely. Store the iced cookies in the freezer for future use. Frozen cookies usually last up to 4 weeks.