How to Keep Bra Straps From Showing

By LeafTV Editor

How to Keep Bra Straps From Showing. If you wear a tank top or a shirt with spaghetti straps, your bra straps are bound to show. Bra straps showing around clothing can leave the impression of being sloppy, tacky or trashy. There are things you can do to prevent straps from showing.

Step 1

Purchase a bra strap connector. The connector hooks onto both straps on the back of the bra so that the straps won't slip down the side and off your shoulders. There are several types of connectors. You can purchase them online or at lingerie stores or you can even make your own with double-fold bias tape and some snaps.

Step 2

Use Braza Strap Keepers to keep your bra straps hidden. They come with seven pairs to a package and you can purchase them online. All you do is peel off the adhesive liners from the tab, put your bra strap in the middle of the Strap Keeper and attach it to the underside of your shirt, blouse or dress to prevent them from slipping and showing.

Step 3

Use Comfy Straps, which are made of soft silicone that shapes to the shoulder. You attach these to your bra straps and they keep the strap from slipping while making the straps more comfortable on the shoulders. They are hand washable and reusable, which is an added benefit.

Step 4

Use invisible bra straps on your bra. These straps attach to any bra that has removable straps. They are clear and blend in with your skin tone to make them hardly noticeable. You can find these online at very reasonable prices.

Step 5

Wear strapless bras to keep your bra from showing. You can even purchase bras made of silicone that have absolutely no straps on them and no back, which are virtually invisible under sheer clothing.