Many women have a love-hate relationship with strapless bras. The undergarment allows you to wear tops and dresses that would expose the straps of a traditional bra. Conversely, the bra is subject to constant shifts and slips since straps are not present to anchor it. Frequent shifts in position make strapless bras frustrating, if not embarrassing, for many women. However, you can make your strapless experience comfortable and worry-free by selecting your bra knowledgeably and employing a few tricks.

  • Gel or rubber-like lining
  • Lingerie adhesive strips
  • Supportive garments

Purchase a strapless bra that fits you properly. None of the other qualities matter if the bra does not fit appropriately. Try on undergarments in your standard size and bras that are one cup size larger than your standard size. The band of a strapless bra is slightly tighter than a regular bra, which may cause your breasts to appear fuller than usual. Poor fit is the leading reason why a strapless bra does not stay in place.

Purchase a high-quality strapless bra. Choose the undergarment that offers the best support, range of motion and fabric quality. Higher prices do not always denote higher quality, though. Research your choices, ask a friend for a reference, or talk to a salesperson.

Inspect bras for gel or rubber-like bands that line the interior surface. The lining grips your skin and holds the bra in place.

Wear a strapless bra that covers your full torso, not just your bust. Retailers may refer to these undergarments as merrywidows, bustiers or long-line bras. Boning in the bra contours at your waist, the same way boning in a standard bra contours over your ribcage. The contours of your waist hold a torso-length bra in place so that it cannot slip.

Apply double-sided adhesive strips as a reinforcement between your skin and the bra. The adhesive is stronger than traditional tape and should not irritate your skin. The strips are 1 to 3 inches long and may be shaped according to the part of your bust to which you apply it.

Wear blouses and dresses that provide additional support. The clothing you wear on top of a strapless bra can affect the bra's performance. Avoid tops that pull your bust from the bra's position. Fitted or contoured garments reinforce the bra, making it difficult for the undergarment to slip from its initial position.

  • If you hesitate to trust an associate in a lingerie store because you are concerned that she values her commission over your comfort, talk to an associate in a clothing store that you frequent. If the store sells garments that require a strapless bra, she probably wears those garments herself and helps a lot of people who wear them. Her recommendation is likely well-informed and lacks bias.

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