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Some people are born with an overbite. An overbite occurs when the top jaw is larger than the bottom jaw or when the top jaw has too many teeth. This causes the teeth in the front to squeeze together, forcing the teeth outward. While there are different types of overbites that are barely noticeable, some are hard to miss -- a large overbite can make you self-conscious about your physical appearance. However, there are ways to conceal this cosmetically regardless of your gender.

Play Up the Eyes

Apply eyeshadow primer to keep the eyeshadow in place. Using an eyeshadow applicator, apply a light-colored champagne eyeshadow to the entire eyelid and brow bone.

Shade in the eyelid and the middle area above the eyelid with a charcoal colored eyeshadow. Depending on your skin tone, this color ranges from an almost black colored eyeshadow for darker skin tones to a dark gray eyeshadow for lighter skin tones.

Line the eyes with dark brown or black eyeliner. For lighter skin tones, use dark brown, because black tends to look too harsh on light skin. The dark brown shade looks black, but is a couple of shades lighter, which makes it look more natural. Those with darker skin tones can use black eyeliner.

Coat the eyelashes with mascara. Apply one coat each to each eye. Allow the first coat to dry before applying another coat to the eyelashes.

Draw even more attention to the eyes by adding a topcoat of glittery mascara. This will make your eyes stand out even more, making your eyes the focal point of your face.

Play Down the Lips

Apply a light colored or nude lipliner to the lips. Choose a color close to the natural color of your lips. Follow only the natural line of the lips.

Fill in the lips with a nude-colored lipstick. Wearing a light-colored lipstick takes attention away from the mouth area, while wearing a dark lipstick draws attention to the lips and the mouth area.

Blot the lips with a tissue. Apply another coat of lipstick. An extra coat of lipstick helps lipstick last longer.

Resist from using any shiny lipgloss. Any type of lipstick or lipgloss that is shiny draws the eyes to the mouth area. Because you are trying to draw attention away from the mouth, do not use any type of lip product that is shiny or sparkly.

Men with Overbites

Allow the hair on the face to grow. Resist shaving the area around the mouth.

Grow a beard or mustache. Facial hair around the mouth helps to conceal an overbite because the extra hair in this area helps to conceal the entire mouth.

Trim the beard or mustache every week. Keep it nicely manicured by using a beard trimmer or other device to keep mustaches and beards looking neat.


Draw attention away from your mouth and overbite by focusing on other facial features above the mouth when applying your makeup. By emphasizing stronger features, you can feel less self-conscious about having an overbite.