How to Have Hair Like Brad Pitt

By LeafTV Editor

Brad Pitt pulls off any hairstyle gorgeously. His mane varies from short and neat crops to long unkempt messy locks. Use the information below to recreate the versatile style he has been wearing recently to award festivals, movie premiers and in the park with his kids.

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How To Have Hair Like Brad Pitt


Get a good quality haircut with the sides and back short with length on top. This style works best for men with thick and straight hair.

Visit a stylist to highlight hair. This adds dimension to make hair look thicker and add sun-kissed warmth around the face, looking more youthful. For naturally dark brown to light brown hair like Brad Pitt's ,add light golden blonde highlights on top.

Style hair with a volumizing foaming mouse or gel like Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam, which adds shrine and hold to your style. While hair is damp, rub foam between your palms and then throughout your hair with your fingertips, paying close attention to the thick and long hair on top.

Grab locks of hair and pinch them together to get a piecy look like Brad Pitt's tousled and messy hairstyle. Do not comb or brush your hair. Push the hair toward one side of the head without parting the hair, and spike pieces on top.

Dress up the style with combing the hair to one side and keeping the flat style in place with pomade, which makes the hair look smooth, shiny and clean-cut.

Keep your side-burns short and small. Pitt keeps his neatly trimmed and shaped about the length of his earlobe.