By Penelope Lane

Styling with static-generating hairbrush bristles can cause unattractive hair fly-aways. Removing static electricity from a hairbrush will not only keep your hair soft and smooth, but protect the longevity of your hair brush through regular cleaning. Getting static out of a hairbrush is easy to do and quick to accomplish.

Get Static Out of a Hair Brush

Step 1

Mist hair brush with water. Moistening the bristles can help get rid of unwanted static electricity.

Step 2

Spritz brush bristles with hair spray. Used in moderation, hair spray applications to both your hair and brush can help eliminate static electricity.

Step 3

Rub hair brush with a static dryer sheet. Keep your hair brush static-free and smelling as fresh as linens by giving it a once-over with any static dryer sheet brand.

Step 4

Give both your hair brush and hair a deep-cleanse. Shampooing combined with twice-weekly deep-conditioning treatments help free your hair and styling aids of static electricity.

Step 5

Examine the health of your hair. You may be experiencing static electricity on your hair brush because your hair is excessively dry or weighed down by excess hair products.

Step 6

Use new hair products. If static electricity on your hair and brushes occur daily, mix up your routine and try a new shampoo or conditioner. Look for products with the following ingredients: polyquaternium, quaternium 18 and stearamidaproply dimethylamine to help get rid of static.

Step 7

Consider purchasing a new hairbrush. Brushes made from certain materials--such as plastic--are more likely to have static electricity. Try out an anti-static hair brush, a style made from wood or one with natural hair bristles (such as boar).