How to Get Keith Urban's Hairstyle

By LeafTV Editor

Keith Urban is revered for being a country music favorite. He is also well known for having a tousled, carefree hairstyle that many women adore. It is not difficult to obtain the same look for yourself.


Ask your stylist to give you a long layered cut. The top lengths should fall slightly below the ears with the bottom lengths being a bit longer than that. Overall, the hair should not fall below the shoulders.

Apply a smoothing or anti-frizz balm to the hair after washing, before drying and styling. Be careful not to add to much, or the overall effect will be hair that looks stringy and greasy.

Use a blow dryer to dry the hair and smooth it out so it will be straight.

Use a round brush on the ends of the hair during the drying process. Gently roll the bottom of the hair outward to get Keith Urban's kicked out ends. Do not overdo it or you will end up looking like Gidget.

Part the hair down the middle. Make sure that both sides are relatively symmetrical.

Allow the hair to remain free and unfettered. Do not weigh it down with a bunch of holding products like gels and sprays.


  • Keith Urban's hairstyle works best for those with finer hair that is naturally straight. It will be tougher to achieve this look with hair that is coarse, thick or curly.

  • If you don't have much time, you can allow your hair to dry as you get dressed. However, you will need to use the round brush once your hair has dried.