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Removing moisture from fog-laden watches may seem like a daunting task, but certain techniques help dry any liquid that has seeped inside. Allowing it to remain wet may cause damage to the watch's inner workings or result in rust formation as the moisture stays trapped inside. Removing the moisture and preventing it from occurring will save your timepiece from becoming waterlogged.

Wipe the outside of the watch and band with a soft cloth to remove any moisture on the outer area.

Slip the tip of a watch-back remover or a thin screwdriver into the groove on the back of the watch. Push the tip slowly under the watch back and along the groove to remove it from the watch. Using the same tool, slip the end along the groove around the watch face and pop off the top.

Lay the back and the watch face down on a towel outside in direct sunlight for two hours. The warmth of the sun's rays should dry the moisture within the watch.

Set the back of the watch and the watch face on a cloth inside your home if you do not have access to outside space. Set a blow dryer to low heat. Hold the dryer 6 inches from the watch. Using the low setting, blow warm air into the watch for five minutes. Allow the watch to remain on the cloth for another 30 minutes before putting the watch back together. Fit the cover over the top of the watch and push it back on; do the same for the back.


Store the watch in a non-humid environment, such as inside the case it came in or in a jewelry box. Remove your watch when showering, swimming, brushing teeth or when exercising to avoid moisture or sweat from seeping inside the watch. Take your watch to a professional jeweler if you have trouble removing the back to avoid damaging the watch. Find watch tools in the jewelry section of department stores.