A loose wedding band ring is not only unattractive, but it also makes the ring easier to lose. For this reason, you should resize your wedding ring immediately if becomes too loose to wear properly. There are several ways to adjust the size of your wedding ring. You should start with easy, at-home resizing methods first. If these do not work for you, then move on to more permanent methods of fixing a loose wedding band.

Purchase a ring guard from a local jewelry or online retail store. A ring guard is a band that goes around the underside of the ring to decrease the ring size.

Ask a jeweler about possible resizing methods that do not require exposing the ring to extreme heat. Jewelers might be able to attach sizing beads to the inside of the wedding band to tighten the size. Sizing beads are small, metal pebbles that help close the width of the ring. Tightening rods are similar; although, instead of beads, metal wire is used.

Resize your loose wedding ring using the soldering process. Take your ring to a jeweler and ask him to resize it using a welding process. The ring is heated until malleable and a portion of the metal is removed. The jeweler then recast the ring into its original shape.