Freckles are synonymous with that fresh, natural, sun kissed look. With just a few minor adjustment to the makeup routine, anyone can fake freckles and fool people into thinking they just stepped off of the beach.

Things You'll Need


Apply concealer to cover dark spots or blemishes. Use a light foundation only if your skin coloring is uneven.

Practice dotting a sharpened, waterproof brown eyebrow pencil on a test patch of skin. Experiment by making freckles of different sizes and shades. The shade of brown for the pencil should complement your skin tone to look realistic.

Make your freckles. Pepper the area with freckles as they would naturally occur.

Allow the eyebrow pencil makeup to set for a minute. Then, blush over the freckles and surrounding area with a bronzing powder. Put any remaining light makeup on afterwards.


  • If unpleased with the results, clean and exfoliate the skin and begin over.