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Give your face a sun-kissed glow by applying bronzer to the skin. This self-made tan looks natural on skin year round as long as it is applied properly. When it is not applied correctly then it looks fake and blotchy against the skin. Bronzer is not an all-over face powder, which it is commonly misused for, because the coloring is more drastic than natural face powder. Besides adding color, bronzer is ideal for covering imperfections and hiding wrinkles, creating a younger looking appearance.

Apply makeup to your face using your normal routine, with the exception of lip color. Once the bronzer is on your face, you will not want to make any adjustments to foundation, concealer or face powder.

Select a bronzer that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. You will not be able to use the same bronzer year-round because of the difference between tan and non-tan skin. Bronzer that is too dark will create a blotchy appearance.

Stand in front of a window with a mirror. Look at the way the sun reflects off of your face. These are the areas where you will apply the bronzer because these are the areas that will likely tan first.

Swirl a large powder brush in the bronzer. Tap the brush against a hard surface to remove any loose particles. Blotchy skin can be the result of too much powder on the brush when it is applied to your face. Combat the problem by always tapping the brush before you apply it to your skin.

Sweep the brush along the areas you spotted. These areas typically include the cheekbones, jaw line and forehead. The sun may hit on the tip of your nose, but do not apply to the tip, only the bridge. Reload the brush as needed and always tap before you apply it to your face. As you apply the bronzer, step back and take note of what it looks like on your face. Too much bronzer all over your face will create a shiny, over-tan appearance.

Blend the bronzer into your skin with another large powder brush. This will reduce the blotchiness on your face if too much powder sits in one area.


Tone down bronzer by trying to brush the bronzer off the skin. Reduce the color further by applying a slightly lighter face powder over the area and blending. Apply more bronzer at night and less bronzer during the day. Since bronzer highlights your face, tone down other makeup such as eyes or lips.