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Debbie Harry shaped the sound of music in the 70s and 80s with her critically acclaimed new wave band, Blondie. The group topped the charts around the world with hits like “Heart of Glass” and “Call Me,” while Harry’s edgy, New York-inspired style influenced legions of fans to mimic her iconic look, which remains stylish and sexy decades later.

Basic Debbie

Debbie Harry’s wardrobe was eclectic, consisting of everything from jumpsuits to shimmery disco dresses. Capture her essence by wearing skinny jeans, miniskirts and tight, shoulder-baring T-shirts decorated with vintage buttons from classic punk bands. Add some leopard print or camouflage to your outfit for a surprising twist and look for anything that's elegantly distressed, like a faded T-shirt riddled with holes.

Crazy for Color

Harry gravitates toward bold colors, underpinning most of her outfits with black and adding dashes of red or white for a striking contrast. Take a cue from her with a bright yellow dress with boxy shoulders, or top off an all-black ensemble with a studded red leather belt. Tune into Harry’s feminine side with a disco-inspired dress made from slinky, shimmery fabric with a plunging necklace, worn with a pair of eye-catching heels.

Go Vintage

Don’t be afraid to experiment with vintage clothing – even Harry says that “fashion is all about recycling.” Whether it’s a black cowboy shirt with a fringe trim or teensy-tiny red shorts and a cropped vest in place of a top, Harry has never shied away from playful, statement-making pieces. Finish any outfit with a pair Wayfarer-style sunglasses and a tight black leather jacket or a distressed denim vest, two of her wardrobe staples.

Harry Hair

If you want to look like Harry, you may have to reach for the bleach – her famous blond shag, complete with eye-grazing bangs, has defined her look since she first topped the charts. Harry’s locks have changed a little over the years, but at her peak were a bright blonde bordering on platinum. Achieve her sharp bob by chopping your hair to shoulder or chin length and add some mousse for tousled waves and volume.

Makeup Tips

Focus on your eyes when channeling vintage Harry. Line them in black and create a subtle, smoky look with metallic eyeshadow. Streak your cheeks with blush to bring out your bone structure and finish with cherry-red lipstick

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