Teenagers know how to dress. Their quirky fashion sense enables them to put together great outfits and pull them off. If you're a brave soul who'd like to dress like a teenager, you can study their wardrobe choices and make appropriate clothing selections.


Buy colorful boxer shorts and blue jeans three sizes too large. Wear the jeans low on your hips with the waistband of the boxers poking out the top. If necessary, use a plain leather belt to keep the pants in place while you walk.

Add a slightly oversized tee with a funny saying to the outfit. When choosing a t-shirt, remember plain tees and sports teams are out and heavy sarcasm is in.

Wrap a long-sleeved flannel shirt around your hips by tying the sleeves together and allowing the rest to hang off your backside. The sleeves must rest below the waistband of the jeans if you're trying to dress like a teenager.

Complete the outfit with an expensive pair of athletic shoes with a loud motif and a baseball cap worn slightly askew, but not backward.


Emulate the look you see on teen queens and in teen magazines. Teen queen style fluctuates wildly. For the most current look, keep abreast of current magazines.

Wear a top that represents a teenager's attitude. Fashionable tees in a form-fitting cut can show off your curves and your attitude all at once.

Choose jeans with a flirty, fun cut. Pick a style that accentuates your good points, such as a narrow cut if you have great legs, or flared bottoms if you have wide hips.

Accentuate the teenager outfit with excess. Wear several bracelets and long earrings. Add a brightly colored purse with a cute pair of shoes. With teen queen fashion, less is definitely not more. More is more.


  • Get a funky hairstyle with colored streaks. For a mild look, simple chunky highlights work fine. For a drastic image, brightly colored neon streaks can make quite an impression.