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Ponytails can be elegant, or they can be casual. They are a simple hairstyle for both good and bad hair days. Although this quick hairstyle usually requires the use of both hands, there is a way to make a ponytail using just one hand. A ponytail doesn't need to be perfect. In fact, many stylish ponytails are un-perfect with flyaways, loose strands and a messy nature.

Brush hair using a comb or brush to remove tangles and knots. Apply a product to hair if desired, though not required. Products such as hair gel, mousse, mist or creme help smooth hair and give it extra shine. Stand in front of a mirror if you'd like.

Take a hair elastic, unless using a clip, and place it over your fingers stretching it over all five fingers of one hand.

If using a clip, such as a jaw-clip, open it up and hold it in your hand.

Tilt head backwards and using the hand with the elastic over it, grab your hair, tilting your head sideways until you have hold of all of your hair. Start sliding it through the elastic. Note that this takes practice. Once all of your hair is in the elastic, make a second loop and push hair through it again. Tighten by holding the hair below the elastic and pushing the elastic upwards.

If using a clip, slide its "teeth" starting on one side of hair and til hair sideways until all of your hair is in the clip. Close the clip over your hair.


Another solution is to purchase a ponytail holder designed for one-hand ponytails. This type of holder is either placed over the head as a headband and then is pushed down and fastened to work as a hair elastic, or it is a piece of elastic which is wrapped around the ponytail rather than looped around it.