You are as unique as your hairstyle is and yes, it does say a lot about who you are. You are free to choose hairstyles and cuts on the basis of trends and your individual style factor but if your hair needs volume then the style to support is a step cut.

The multi layered, non blended distinct cut not only enhances the body of your hair but it also lends a manageable and styled look. So let's get started.

Firstly, ensure that the hair is shampooed well. However, don't blow-dry it because we need the hair to be damp. Then, run the comb through your hair backwards and straight.

Now, follows the virtual measurement. Measure about half and inch of the hair from your crown and bring it forward and in front of your eyes. Keep the rest of the hair combed backwards to avoid distractions. Now with a pair of very sharp scissors cut from the outer edges of your eyes and keep cutting along a straight line. Essentially, you should have the hair cut in a straight line from the edge of one eye to the other. Comb through this section to check for tips that aren't aligned to the straight line.

Now, keep the hair you've just cut, in place, and comb some hair through the sides. The varying lengths at the sides will be evident. Along the line of the first cut, cut the sides. When these strands are combed back in place it'll automatically fall in multiple layers.

Similarly, keep combing in more strands of hair at the sides and cutting it along straight lines as the very first cut. However, be cautious not to snip too much or to pull too much hair in front for the snip as the virtual measurements can get confusing.

The other things you need to be careful about are, ensure that the scissors are sharp and the head straight. The hair needs to remain damp throughout the cut and once you are done blow drying the hair, flaunt it with all the chutzpah you have.