How to Do a Slicked Back Ponytail

By Shelly Barclay

A slicked-back ponytail is a simple hairstyle that is neat and elegant enough for a formal event. It is also simple enough for casual everyday wear. Women and men of all ages can wear slicked-back ponytails to keep their hair back from their face. It is a staple hairstyle for female cheerleaders and even models. The style is simple enough to execute at home with just a few supplies.

Slicked-back ponytails keep all of the hair out of the face.

Step 1

Comb the entire head of hair, making sure to remove all dead hair and comb out all tangles. Comb the hair back from the face rather than straight down.

Step 2

Set the flat iron to medium to medium-high heat. Run the flat iron through the hair in 2- to 4-inch sections starting at the top, working your way to the back and sides. Make sure every piece of hair is completely flat, including the hair at the nape of the neck.

Step 3

Squirt a quarter-sized dollop of hair gel into the palm of one hand. Place both hands together so gel is in each palm. Run the gel through the hair. Move your hands backward, starting from the face at the top and sides. Move them upward from the neck at the back.

Step 4

Use one hand to comb the hair back from the face and sides and the other to hold the combed-back hair in place. Make sure the hand holding the hair is in the position you desire for the ponytail. Comb the hair up from the neck into the hand securing the hair.

Step 5

Check the hair for any bumps before securing it with the hair elastic. If there are any bumps at the top or back of the head, run the comb back through that area until the bumps are gone.

Step 6

Secure the ponytail by pulling the hair through the elastic, twisting the elastic and pulling the hair through again until the elastic is tight enough to hold the hair up.

Step 7

Hold the hairspray 6 inches from your head. Spray the roots near the face and neck. Run your hand back from the face and up from the neck; the hairspray will stick flyaways in this area flat.