How to Do a Cute and Easy Messy Bun for Shoulder Length Hair With Bangs

By Chelsea Oliver

Bun hairstyles are often associated with ballerinas, teachers, librarians and other strict professions that some even consider boring. However, today's messy buns give off a more carefree, Bohemian vibe that can be worn nearly anywhere, from school to the office. Messy buns are cute, easy and can be situated anywhere on the head, making this an ideal style for busy women on the go. Messy buns are easy to accomplish with shoulder-length hair; those with bangs can pin them back or leave them loose.

Chopsticks are one of many hair accessories you can use to dress up a messy bun.

Step 1

Secure shoulder-length hair into a ponytail using an hair elastic. Position the ponytail where you would like your messy bun to sit, such as at the top of your head or the base of your neck. Leave bangs and short pieces of hair near your face out of the ponytail.

Step 2

Grip your ponytail with both hands and twist it tightly to either the right or left. As it twists, the hair will begin coiling itself around the base of your ponytail.

Step 3

Continue coiling the ponytail around itself until you get to the tip. Loosely secure the tip of the ponytail by tucking it under the hair elastic you used in Step 1.

Step 4

Secure your cute and easy messy bun using bobby pins around the base. Alternatively, take another hair elastic and wrap it around the base of the messy bun.

Step 5

Pin bangs and loose pieces of hair around your face back with bobby pins, if desired. For a more messy, relaxed look, leave bangs hanging loose to frame your face.