Marshmallow Crispy Rice Treat

Rice Krispie treats are made with marshmallows, butter or margarine and Rice Krispies cereal, manufactured by Kellogg's. The no-bake desserts are traditionally formed into blocks in a baking dish or tray, and then cut into squares. You can make the desserts your own by using cookie cutters to create customized shapes. Cut the Rice Krispie treats into shapes, such a hearts or Christmas trees, to reflect specific holidays or special events.

Make the Rice Krispie treats according to recipe instructions. Use a buttered spatula or a piece of wax paper to press the treats onto a nonstick baking sheet lightly coated with cooking spray.

Allow the treats to cool for 10 minutes. Grease festive plastic cookie cutters with butter or lightly coat them with cooking spray.

Press the cookie cutters firmly into the sheet of Rice Krispie treats. Allowing a 1/2-inch space between each shape.

Decorate the cut-out Rice Krispie treats if you desire. Top them with buttercream frosting, decorator's gel, icing, small candies or colorful sprinkles.