Rice crispy cereal bars with icing and sprinkles and milk

Create a captivating confection with crispy rice treats. These treats are easier to mold than cake, allowing you to create standing structures. Fondant is an edible coating used to create a smooth surface on desserts. Covering the treats with fondant follows the same method as covering cakes with fondant. It requires an edible glue to hold the fondant in place and fill in any crevices or gaps in the cereal treats. This glue, like the fondant, is simply edible butter cream cake frosting. Look for all supplies needed from craft stores or baking supply shops.

Shape the rice crispy treats as desired and place on a cake plate.

Spread a thin layer of butter cream icing over the entire surface of the rice crispy treat. Smooth the icing with the spatula.

Lightly dust a work surface with powdered sugar.

Roll the fondant into a circle 1/8 inch thick, with the rolling pin.

Gently lift the rolled fondant from the work surface and drape the fondant over the center of the iced rice crispy treat.

Press the fondant against the rice crispy treat to smooth it and shape the fondant to the same shape as the rice crispy treat.

Trim excess fondant from around the base of the treat with a sharp knife and serve.