Baking background

The sky is the limit when it comes to options for cake designs. Among the creative possibilities, letter-shaped cakes provide party planners with the ability to pay homage to loved ones or to celebrate special events with words, phrases, acronyms or initials. Making letter cakes by cutting down larger cakes allows bakers to design their own font style and control the font size, ultimately guaranteeing the most fitting text and a cake adequately proportioned for the occasion.

Draw the text in the desired style on a piece of paper. Divide the round letterforms and the straight or square letterforms and cut them into separate shapes to use as templates.

Bake cakes in round pans for parts of letters that have round shapes or lines, such as "B," "G," "C" and "O." Bake cakes in rectangular pans for parts of letters with straight lines or rectangular shapes, such as "L," "V," "H" or "F." Grease the cake pans sufficiently to ensure proper release of the cakes.

Allow the cakes to fully cool once removed from the oven. Cakes not left to cool will not cut cleanly. Turn the pans upside down and gently drop the cakes onto a large cutting board, mat or other surface appropriate for cutting.

Flip the cakes back over. Shear the rounded tops from the cakes with a serrated knife to create flat, even surfaces.

Cut the round letterforms from the round cakes, using the templates and the natural curved edge of the cake as a guide. Cut the straight or square letterforms from the square cakes. Lock together separate forms, like a puzzle, to reduce as much waste as possible.

Cut out the pieces then assemble them into the letters. "Glue" with frosting pieces that join together. Frost the tops and sides of the letters to unify the cake.