Peanut Brittle Cake

Pound cakes, bundt cakes, angel food cakes and any other cake baked in a tube pan can be a disaster if the cake doesn't come out in one piece. Occasionally, a cake will release from the tube pan intact except for the bottom, which becomes the top when it's out of the pan. But there are some methods to ensure cakes release from the tube pan perfectly, every time.

Trace the bottom of the tube pan onto parchment paper using a pencil.

Cut out the traced shape with scissors, staying close to the inside of both lines.

Place the parchment paper cutout in the bottom of the tube pan.

Grease and flour the tube pan.

Pour the cake batter into the tube pan.

Remove the cake from oven when it is baked and place it on a wire cooling rack.

Allow the cake to sit on the wire cooling rack for ten minutes.

Place the cake plate on top of the tube pan, with the serving side against the tube pan.

Using pot holders, hold the cake plate in place with one hand. Carefully turn the tube cake upside down onto a cake plate with the other hand.

Allow the cake to cool completely and remove parchment paper.


  • Cakes allowed to cool on wire rack for longer than ten minutes may stick.