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Every dinner party, birthday gathering and general celebration should have plenty of cake. Nearly everyone loves cake and it is central to almost every party. No host wants to end the party by running out. Yet most of us end up throwing away this dessert at the end of the event. With proper freezing and thawing techniques, there is no need for waste.

Remove the wrapped frozen cake from the freezer.

Let the frozen cake stand at room temperature in its wrapping as follows: two hours for frosted cakes, one hour for unfrosted cakes, 30 minutes for cupcakes.

Cakes with whipped cream toppings or fillings should be thawed in the refrigerator for three to four hours.

After the cake has stood at room temperature for the designated period of time, gently remove the cake from its container and wrappings.


Unfrosted cakes and cupcakes freeze better than frosted. Of the frosted cakes, creamy frosted cakes freeze best. Fluffy and whipped cream frosted cakes freeze well, but tend to stick to their wrappings. Prevent sticking by freezing the cake for an hour before wrapping.


Do not freeze cakes with custard or fruit fillings. They often become soggy when thawing. Do not freeze cake batter. For best results, do not attempt to thaw cake in an oven or microwave.