Placing pudding between the layers of a cake provides a change in taste from traditional frosting. You can use made-from-scratch pudding, an instant mix or even pudding cups. On busy days, use a frozen pound cake and pre-made pudding to create a quick treat for a family dinner.

Bake the cake according to the recipe instructions for two layers. Remove it to a cooling rack and allow it to cool thoroughly.

Mix the pudding and milk thoroughly. Place the mix in refrigerator to thicken.

Place one cake layer on the workspace. Carefully slice the layer horizontally with the serrated knife. Repeat with the second cake layer.

Spread one-third of the pudding mix on the bottom piece of one cake. Top it with the remaining piece. Repeat with the other cake.

Place one cake on the serving plate. Spread the remaining pudding on top. Place the second cake on the pudding.

Frost the cake as desired.


For an added treat, mix well-drained canned fruit into the pudding before spreading it between cake layers.


Any leftovers should be stored in the refrigerator.

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