Chocolate Coffee Hazelnut Half Sphere Cake With Decorative Pipin

If you're tired of making the usual sheet cakes and round cakes for special occasions, the Betty Crocker Bake'n Fill Cake Pan allows you to create a variety of filled cakes instead. You can put ice cream or pudding in the middle, or provide a more nutritious treat by using a filling of fresh fruit. You can challenge yourself to make elaborate desserts for dinner parties or memorable birthday cakes for friends and family. You can also give old or traditional family baking recipes a new twist.

Use shortening to lightly grease the inner surfaces of the tall pan and base pan and the bottom surface and rim of the insert pan. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Make one cake mix and pour batter into the tall pan until it reaches the fill line.

Place the insert pan on top of the tall pan and rotate clockwise until the handles are lined up and locked in place.

Prepare the second cake mix. Pour half of it into the base pan.

Bake the base cake for 28 to 30 minutes and the tall cake for 45 to 50 minutes or until toothpicks inserted in the cakes' centers come out clean.

Cool the base cake for 5 minutes, then remove it from the pan. Leave the tall cake in the pan for 20 minutes to cool.

Turn the insert pan counter-clockwise and lift it off, leaving the tall cake in the pan.

Put filling in the tall cake's indentation. Place the tall pan and base cake in the refrigerator or freezer, depending on the type of filling. When using ice cream, freeze until firm. When using pudding, fruit or whipped cream, refrigerate until very cold.

Place the base cake on top of the filling in the tall cake and cover with a serving plate. Turn the cakes upside down and carefully lift the tall pan off of the cake. Even the base cake out by trimming the sides if necessary. Decorate the cake, and freeze or refrigerate it.


  • Batter should only fill half of the base pan. Be careful not to overfill.

    Put cakes in the freezer for 30 minutes so that they're easier to fill with fruit or ice cream.