How to Cut Medium-Length Hair

By H.C. Hisel

Medium-length hair is the most versatile of lengths and can look good on almost anyone. Medium lengths can be considered any length from just above your chin to midback. Layers, volume and bangs are all choices within a medium-length haircut that can help you create a style that fits your personality.


Step 1

To cut medium-length hair, choose a style and trim away the initial length you don't need. Initial length is the longest point of your hairstyle. At this point, don't take into consideration the layers you may create later. Excess length first needs to be removed for easier handling, so don't worry about perfection.

Step 2

Section hair. Now that the initial length of hair has been removed, even out the rest. Section the hair into three to five horizontal layers, using hair clips to hold them in place. Cutting the hair in thin sections allows you to perform cleaner cuts.

Step 3

Start from the bottom section and work your way up, one section at a time. You're no longer taking away length, only cleaning up the edges. Snip away stray lengths as you use a comb to continually pull down hair that isn't yet showing. Using a comb is very important so stray hairs don't show up later on. After you have finished the bottom section, loosen the next section of hair. Use the layer you've already cut as a guide.

Step 4

Create a style. Leave the hair simple and all one length, or create layers that hold body and volume. To create layers, resection your hair with clips where you'd like the layers to be. You never want a layer to be more than 2 inches different in length from the next layer. Cut within sections as you've previously done, except this time alter the length.

Step 5

Frame the face with hair. Whether or not you will be cutting bangs, in many cases it's a good idea to have some sort of frame around the face to help ensure it doesn't appear elongated. If you want to keep the hair simple, it's a good idea to have approximately 1-inch wide sections in the very front of your hair to create a frame. These pieces look best cut close to the chin. To create bangs, gather an equal amount of hair from each side of the front, comb it forward, then cut to the length you prefer.

Step 6

Blend the hair. After the cut is finished, you can blend the edges for a more naturally flowing look. To do this, hold a small section of your hair at a time. Hold the ends of your hair between your middle and your index finger. Use the scissors to cut vertically into the hair. Make quick, short snips, without spending too much time on one area. This will cut small, random pieces, creating variety and ridding your hair of choppy edges.