Looking for a simple yet subtle way to change your look? Highligting you hair is just the way to add a touch of sparkle to you hair. Think about what a highight is first. If you were to highlight every sentence on a page it's not really highlighting you can't quickly glance and find the reference you were looking for. Hair Highlighting is no different. We want to create quick reference points that accentuate the movement of the hair or create interesting points of reference to the overall style. This article will give you a simple way to create those highlights.


In order to create comb highlights, we first need to start with dry hair and have our lightener mixed to a thick almost paste like constancy. Begin by sectioning the top of the head using a diagonal line from the middle of the forehead towards the back of the head. Clip this hair on top of the head, while letting the hair below the section hang down.

"Charge" the comb with the product using the color brush, and scrape off the excess product on the side of the bowl. There should be lightener left in between the teeth of the comb but not so much that the lightener is "caked" up all over the comb.


On the hair that is hanging down pick up random small triangle type sections. These should be no wider than 1/4 inch and not thicker than 1/4 inch. Pinch the end of the hair and hold straight out from the head with moderate tension.

Holding the comb in your opposite hand, start at the midshaft of the hair by laying the comb almost flat against the section that is being held out and gently rake the comb towards your fingers at the ends. Be careful to NOT comb the hair completely with the teeth of the comb but rather more of a raking motion.

When you reach your fingers stop and move place the comb more towards the scalp and rake to where you started in step 4. You won't need to rake the comb down to your fingers at this point, doing so will just remove the lightener you already have on the hair.

Continue to do steps 3 and 4 around the bottom section of hair. These should be random pieces and not every hair strand. Remember we are creating interesting points of reference not a total blonde.


Once done with the bottom, release the hair on top. Don't worry about the hair coming in contact with the hair previously colored... that's why the lightener needs to be mixed to a very paste like consistency.

At this point follow steps 2 through 4 but on the top of the head. Remember to use random, small 1/4 inch sections in width and thickness and make sure that the sections of hair are not right next to one another.


Once finished, allow to process for the recommended time. Rinse the hair, shampoo, condition and blow dry to the desired style.


mix product to a thick paste constancy hole comb almost flat against the section of hair rake beginning at the mid shaft of the section foiling comb works great, you can use the metal or plastic extension of the comb to pull out the sections you want to highlight


Don't allow the product to be too runny Don't use heat. Doing so will cause the lightener to become runny. Careful not to use the teeth of the comb to comb the hair.