Fashion blonde with stylish short hairstyle

When you're in a pinch and need to touch up your blonde hair, you can use hydrogen peroxide to bleach it when you need a really quick fix or are on a tight budget. Having a professional bleach your hair is the best way to go for beautiful blond locks, however, hydrogen peroxide can be used to get highlights or an all over blond.

Apply hydrogen peroxide to unwashed hair. Brush your hair until there are no tangles. Use a comb to section off your hair if you are just bleaching certain parts. Hold hair sections in place with claw clips.

Fill a squirt bottle with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Do not dilute the hydrogen peroxide with water. Turn the nozzle on the squirt bottle so that the spray is a mist and not a hard stream.

Spray your hair with the hydrogen peroxide. Get the hair damp but not saturated. Let the hydrogen peroxide set on your hair for about 15 minutes. Wash and condition your hair, then blow dry to see the color results.

Highlight your hair by getting a cotton ball saturated with hydrogen peroxide. Grab a strand of hair and rub the cotton ball on the strand until the hair is wet. Continue this process until you have covered each section of hair to be highlighted with the hydrogen peroxide.

Let the highlight sections set for about 15 minutes. Wash, condition and blow dry your hair to see the results.

Repeat the process after a couple of days to lighten hair even further. Do not over process your hair with hydrogen peroxide or it may break off. Seek help from a professional when your hair color is not as you expected.