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You wish for those platinum blond strands whenever you see yourself in the mirror but are doubtful if your very short hair can handle it? No worries. You can bleach your very short hair and get your dream blond look. Getting your hair bleached by professionals at a hair styling salon is an option. Alternatively, you can do it safely and economically by yourself at home. With very short hair, you need not even depend on anyone for assistance. With some preparation and tools, you can achieve that sexy blond look.

Purchase a bleach kit from a cosmetic store or drugstore.The kit should have bleaching powder and developer liquid (also called peroxide). Peroxide comes in four strengths: 10 volume, 20 volume, 30 volume and 40 volume. Use 10 volume if your hair is already blond and you only want to remove the yellow streaks. Choose 20-volume peroxide if you have light brown or lighter hair. Go for 30 volume if your hair is dark; 40-volume strength is the maximum you can use on your black hair, but this strength is harsh and can result in chemical burns on the scalp. If you use this strength, make sure that it doesn’t touch the scalp. The bleach kit should have an instruction guide. A manual gives you the right mixing proportion and the procedure for performing a strand test.

Perform a strand test according to the instructions in the manual. Take a few strands close to the hair roots from the back of your head where an absence of few strands is not going to get noticed. Tie the strands together using a thread or tape. Prepare a small quantity of mixture of bleaching powder and peroxide liquid in the proportion as mentioned in the manual. Use a plastic spoon for mixing and mix in a non-metallic bowl. Dip your sample hair in this mixture, making sure the hair is completely covered. Check the color of the hair every five minutes by wiping off the bleach with an old towel. Reapply bleach if you want a lighter tone.

Prepare to bleach your hair. Wear an old shirt that you wouldn’t mind getting stained. Wear gloves. Have two mirrors, one for seeing the front portion and the other for viewing the back portion of your head while applying. Follow the instructions in the manual for preparing the mixture. Use the kit’s applicator brush to mix the contents as you pour the developer liquid. Usually, you have to add the developer liquid gradually to the bowl of bleaching powder until you form a creamy paste.

Apply the bleach to your hair using the applicator brush. Since it is very short hair, you can apply the bleach all over the hair at once without making partitions and applying separately as you would for longer hair. Start from the back of your head, working it around and ending it on the top the head.

Rinse your hair once it gets your target color. Rinse thoroughly, leaving no trace of bleach on your hair and skin. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and rinse again. Use a clean dry towel to dry your hair.