How to Cut Layers in Long Hair

By LeafTV Editor

At 8 years old, cutting our own hair called for a fix-it trip to the salon with Mom or a long wait for it to grow out. Now that you're an adult, you can cut your own hair with some simple instruction. Here are some tips how to cut layers in long hair.

Hairdresser cutting long hair
credit: MilanMarkovic/iStock/GettyImages
How To Cut Layers In Long Hair


Wash and condition your hair. Comb your hair straight back while getting out any tangles. Use sharp or salon scissors that are smaller and easy to work with.

Start with the middle front section of the hair. Gather a small amount and comb it forward into a holding spot between your first two fingers. Keep your fingers straight and snip off the hair about half an inch, using your straight fingers as a guide.

Comb forward small sections and line them up with the first section holding both the starter section and new section between your fingers. Use the first section as your length guide. Work toward the back of the hair. Cut each side of the head one at a time, still using the first section as a guide.

Inspect your hair for unevenness and cut wherever needed. Be cautious not to cut too much. Style your hair the way you normally would and inspect again for places to even up.


  • If your cut looks too choppy in the back, pull your hair into a pony tail to your forehead. Twist the hair to the right and cut a 1/4 of an inch or less. Twist the opposite way and repeat the cut.