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Bangs can be cut into various styles to add shape or complement the face. Layered, side-swept bangs can be styled to look piecey and edgy or combed aside for a more classic look. While any hair stylist will give you the look for a price, it's possible for you to cut your own layered, piecey side-swept bangs. Cutting your own bangs will save you a couple of bucks and get you the look you want.

Section all the hair that you wish to make into bangs using a comb. Comb the section forward. Secure the remaining hair on the back of your head with a hair tie.

Part the hair on the side of your choice, directly above the middle of your eyebrow. Comb the hair forward and hold the entire section with your hand.

Place the blade of a pair of sharp hair shears against the edge of the section you're holding -- where you wish the bangs to be shortest.

Hold the shears at a 40-degree angle and slowly close the blades together as you move down the length of the hair section. Cut through the final bit of the section where you wish the bangs to be longest.

Hold the shears vertically and snip the very ends of the bangs to remove stray hairs and soften the edges.

Rub some hair wax in between your fingers and pinch the ends of the various layers in the bangs, molding the tips outward to add texture.

Cut the small section on the opposite side of the part to match the longest length of the side bangs.

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