Long black shiny wig with professional scissors

Wigs can be a lot of fun. You can add instant length to your hair or change your hair color temporarily all by putting on a wig. Wigs come prestyled so it's often necessary to do a little restyling to get a look that suits your face. You may even need to trim your wig to get the right look. Follow these steps to learn how to trim your wig.

Brush your wig thoroughly using a wig brush or pick. Using a brush designed for regular human hair will damage your wig and make it frizzy.

Put on your wig before you trim it. If you don't trim your wig while wearing it you could trim it too short, wig hair won't grow back if you mess up the haircut.

Use thinning shears if you just want to take some off the excess bulk off the wig so the hair lays flatter. Put the thinning shears right up against the base of the wig before cutting so you won't leave stubble everywhere.

Trim the bangs of the wig by pulling them down straight and cutting them like you would real hair. Always cut wig hair a little longer than you want it so you can fix any mistakes you make.

Cut the rest of the hair if you desire, cut it just as you would real hair. Just trim a little at a time, if you rush the haircut you could end up with an unwearable wig.

Ensure that your new haircut is even by putting it on a wig stand and taking a close look. Trim any pieces you missed.


  • If you feel uncomfortable trimming your own wig you can go to a wig shop and have a professional trim it.