By Laurie Anderson

Getting a new haircut is often an exciting event. However, poorly cut, uneven layers can ruin your hairstyle and cause you to feel angry, self-conscious and frustrated. A badly layered haircut can be camouflaged and fixed with the right tools and products, or even a new stylist, allowing you to feel more confident and less embarrassed about imperfect layers.

Pull back hair with decorative clips to hide uneven layers.

Step 1

Use products that encourage hair growth. Apply treatments designed for strengthening hair and use heat styling tools as little as possible to minimize damage. This will help your uneven layers to grow out faster.

Step 2

Consume vitamins and supplements to help hair grow out quickly. Take supplements with biotin, a well-known vitamin that stimulates hair growth, or eat foods containing biotin such as egg yolks and whole grains. Get plenty of B-vitamins, iron and protein to strengthen hair and protect against damage.

Step 3

Style your haircut with trendy hair accessories. Pull back your layers in decorative headbands, or tie them back with colorful scarves. Pin back sections with small clips or bobby pins for a youthful look that may take emphasis off poorly layered hair. You can also wear stylish hats to temporarily hide a bad haircut.

Step 4

Find a new hairdresser. Look for a stylist who receives good reviews and has years of experience, or ask a friend to recommend one. Explain to your new hairstylist exactly what your previous hairdresser did to your hair that you didn't like, and explore your options for a new, more even haircut.