By Lindsey Landis

French pop icon, model and movie star Brigitte Bardot is instantly recognizable. Her smokey, sultry eyes and bold lips were part of her signature style. Her luxurious curls were accented by fringe-cut bangs that parted in the center to reveal her stunning facial features. Her haircut can be replicated at home for a simple 1960s sex kitten look.

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credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images News/Getty Images
A viewer stands in front of a portrait of Brigitte Bardot by Andy Warhol.

Step 1

Part your hair directly down the center.

Step 2

Comb a section of hair forward that you want to cut to make bangs. Achieve your desired thickness by using more or less hair.

Step 3

Pinch the section of hair in between your index and middle finger and hold your fingers at the bridge of your nose. They should line up with the top of your cheekbone.

Step 4

Point the tips of your scissors down toward your nose and cut the bangs vertically in short, quick snips.

Step 5

Once the bangs have been created, use the scissors to carefully cut feathered layers closer to the face. Always cut from the top -- not perpendicular to the hair -- and at a diagonal. The layer furthest from the face should be left at cheekbone length.