How to Cut a Boy's Shag Haircut

By Emily Bennett

Celebrities like Zac Efron have reinvented the popular 1970s shag hairstyle to fit in today's trends. The hair near the crown of the head is cut the shortest and the rest of the hair is layered, increasing in length as moving away from the crown. Cutting a boy's shag haircut is a relatively simple style to create at home. This style works on children, teenagers and adults. It also adds volume to hair and can amplify thin or fine hair.

Zac Efron sports a stylish shag haircut.

Step 1

Lay newspaper around the area where you'll be cutting hair. Set a chair on top of the newspaper and ask the person to sit down.

Step 2

Spray the person's hair with your hair mister, making sure to get the entire head of hair damp. Don't spray so much that it's dripping wet. You need to work with lightly damp hair in order to execute the haircut accurately.

Step 3

Ask the person to flip his head upside down and secure a ponytail on the crown of his head. Once he sits back up, use your scissors to cut the ponytail off just above the ponytail holder. This is the easiest way to start cutting your shag hairstyle. Once you remove the ponytail holder, you'll see that you've instantly created layers that are shortest at the crown, growing longer as they move away from the crown.

Step 4

Use your comb to lift hair near the bottom of the head, the sections farthest away from the crown. Comb a one or two inch section out at a 45-degree angle and hold it there.

Step 5

Take your razor and slice it across the hair sticking out of the comb. Use short slicing motions when cutting the hair. Hold the razor at a 45-degree angle when doing this. This process slices away parts of the hair while leaving some parts with the original length.

Step 6

Continue this process around the head, then working upward toward the crown. This razor technique will give your shag haircut texture and lightness.

Step 7

Ask your person to flip his head upside down, and dry his hair with a hairdryer.